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Our departments

The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs’ State Department chairs head the eight departments.  Department chairs are appointed by the president-elect with executive committee approval, for a two-year term (two term maximum). Department appointees are installed at convention of even-numbered years and assume office October 1 of the same.


DESIGN STUDY DEPARTMENT – is responsible for keeping OAGC accredited judges and exhibitors up-to-date on current and new artistic floral designs; promoting Design Study workshops; promotes and conducts the Faye Collins Designer of the Year contest

EXHIBITORS’ AND JUDGES’ SCHOOL DEPARTMENT – is responsible for promoting and coordinating OAGC Exhibitors’ and Judges’ Schools, and maintaining records for flower show student judges, active accredited flower show judges and flower show judge emeritus.

FLOWER SHOWS DEPARTMENT – is responsible for writing the schedule of and staging the convention artistic flower show and promoting and conducting the Flower Show Book contests

HORTICULTURE DEPARTMENT – is responsible for coordinating any plant sales and seed exchanges; responsible for writing the schedule and staging the convention horticulture flower show and staging of the OAGC Medalist Collection competition (at conventions held in odd numbered years)

JUNIOR GARDENERS DEPARTMENT– is responsible for promoting junior garden club activities and projects; coordinates and stages the convention junior gardener contest winners and maintains junior garden club membership records

MARKETING DEPARTMENT – is responsible for improving communications and growing the gardening community and reach of the OAGC.

MEMBERSHIP DEPARTMENT – is responsible for maintaining the state membership database and for providing the database to the printer for The Associations mailing of OAGC official publication, The Garden Path 

NATURE AND CONSERVATION DEPARTMENT – is responsible for promoting and conducting the Beautification contests; promoting Nature and Conservation projects; promoting Nature Study Retreat; serves on the Wahkeena Nature Preserve Liaison Committee

• Attend two day semi-annual state board meetings; compile report for state board meeting; providing a copy of the report to the state secretary
• Provide regular communication with the regional department counterpart, if applicable
• Prepare an annual report of department activities; sent to the state president by June 1
• Attend the annual convention and present department awards, if applicable; conduct a convention clinic, if requested
• Send expense account to state treasurer no later than March 1 and September 1 of each year (any expense account received after September 30 will not be honored)
• Prepare timely articles for The Garden Path relating to the department, as requested
• Respond promptly to all correspondence
• At the end of the term, meet with the incoming department chair, exchange information and transfer all current materials relating to the department; Submit any archival material to the Archival Manager; Prepare an OAGC property inventory sheet of OAGC materials for the incoming chair and send copy to the state treasurer

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