1930年由Victor H教授创立OAGC. 里斯, of The 俄亥俄州 State University; first issue of 花园小径 was published the fall of 1930

1931  First flower show held in Columbus; first convention held October 7, 1931年在尼尔之家, 325 members attended; OAGC had 80 clubs with over 25% from the Cincinnati area

1933  First judges’ school held; OAGC had 158 clubs; 花展, written 作者:Victor H. 里斯 published and used in the flower show schools; 花园小径 first published


1937 The 8 original districts were increased to 14 (there was no district 13 and districts 14 and 15 were combined); 11 sets of “Lantern” slides were available for rent for $1.00每


1943年,OAGC成为俄亥俄胜利号的成员 Garden Council and sponsored a state-wide coordinated Victory Garden program; the Constitution was revised to “all terms of office are for two years and no board member shall hold office more than two years except the secretary and the treasurer”; due to WW II, 大会没有召开

1945年自然学习营成立. Carmen Warner as first president; OAGC seal designed by Mark Russell, an outstanding 俄亥俄州 Gardener and artist; judges’ school held

1946  Junior Garden Club department was formed; Grace Ray Moon became 花园小径 editor, 这个职位她做了20年, hand addressing and mailing each issue from her home; second judges’ school completed with 89 judges accredited

1947  Publicity contest was established; OAGC had 411 clubs with 12,347 members

1948年,海棠树开花工程开始,沿着美国公路种植了5000棵海棠树.S. highways 25, 31 and 33 from Toledo to Pomeroy; illustrated Garden Record compiled by Mrs. 弗兰克·盖瑞

1950年,在年度大会上举行了“Johnny Appleseed trail”的奉献仪式, thus naming the crabapple trail from Toledo to Pomeroy; first flower show held in conjunction with convention; Victor H. 莱斯杰出花园俱乐部奖是为了纪念莱斯教授20年的服务而设立的

1951  Awards were given to outstanding regional gardeners; OAGC established the Typical Junior Gardener Contest and Outstanding Junior Garden Club award

1952  Bylaws were amended to include Regional Directors as official state officers; office of OAGC state second vice president established; 花园小径 editor term could exceed two years; state chairs increased to include: OAGC Promotion and Awards, State Fair and 自然 and Conservation; “Lantern” slides became the Kodachrome Slide Contest, 67 slide sets were available for club use; Regional Outstanding Gardener award renamed Christine Traquair Award honoring Mrs. Traquair for 22 years serving as treasurer and a charter member; 俄亥俄州 launched “Plant 俄亥俄州” tree planting campaign, 与夫人. 雷克斯·莫兰德在委员会任职,结果在俄亥俄州种植了2500万棵树

1953  An OAGC goal was the elimination of 俄亥俄州’s roadside billboards; President’s Handbook revised; OAGC had 18,635个俱乐部,382名会员


1955  OAGC’s 25th Anniversary; President Daisy Sticksel gave the motto “Knowing, 日益增长的, Showing and Sharing”; Greenfield Publishing Company chosen to publish 花园小径 and maintained the address file; 俄亥俄州 Governor Lausche legalized the naming of Johnny Appleseed Highway begun in 1948; Region16 formed by taking portions of Regions 3, 4和5

1956年的Victor H. 里斯 Fellowship Fund for graduate students in Floriculture was created at The 俄亥俄州 State University (administered by OSU); The 俄亥俄州 Association of Garden Clubs Handbook was revised; OAGC had 900 clubs and 20,000 members; the Master Gardener Award is created; office of OAGC state third vice president is established

1957  OAGC endorsed and participated in the Anti- Litter Campaigns; 俄亥俄州 tax-stamp refunds earmarked for the Johnny Appleseed Highway; Professor 里斯 retires from OSU

1959  OAGC incorporated; districts were renamed Regions to correspond with the term “Regional Director”; Exhibitors’ & 法官的手册 published; Flower Show Handbook published

1960  Service Award was established recognizing members who give outstanding service to OAGC; OAGC Handbook for Garden Clubs revised; Garden Therapy Department created

1961年,OAGC与俄亥俄州历史学会就瓦基纳达成协议, 卡门·华纳的财产, an OAGC member who willed the property to the 俄亥俄州 Historical Society; OAGC raised $20,000 which was donated to Wahkeena; first 园丁日 was held in Xenia

1962  Gardening Manual and the Flower Arrangement Book #1 published; Daisy Sticksel Conservation Award created; Victor H. 俄勒冈州立大学的里斯奖学金基金超过了40美元的目标,000; OAGC received a grant from Sears, 罗巴克公司. for public beautification purposes which continued to 1974; OAGC state assistant secretary position created; OAGC began supervision of flower show at the 俄亥俄州 State Fair

1965 Top Flight Gardener program begun; “Plants a Gardener Should Know” pamphlet printed

1967  Flower Arrangements #2 printed; zip codes are required for mailing 花园小径

1968  Published a Flower Arrangement Calendar book; Revised OAGC Handbook for Garden Clubs

1969  OAGC published another calendar book both in conjunction with Hearthside Press; the American Horticultural Medal was first offered

1970年修订参展商名单 & 法官的手册


1972年总统夫人. 保罗·W. 里德建立了 研究鸟类的大三学生获得了里德奖

1973年,OAGC卖出63,000株云杉幼苗,2,500株 山茱萸鞭和2500株郁金香杨树

1974年前总统夫人. Kenneth (Gladys) Thomas established the Gladys Thomas Award honoring outstanding judges; OAGC Founder Victor H. 里斯 died; OAGC Handbook for Garden Clubs was revised; sold 110,000 fir and redbud seedlings

1976年了解, 展示和分享俄亥俄野花由OAGC出版, an idea began in 1965; Flower Arrangements #3 printed; “Garden for the Senses” at Wright State University, 代顿, 俄亥俄州 began; OAGC sold 25,000株苏格兰松苗

1977年第二版的《网上正规澳门赌场》, Showing and Sharing 俄亥俄州 Wildflowers printed; President Nadine Elder created the 俄亥俄州 State University Horticulture Scholarship; Christine Traquair Award renamed Regional Outstanding Amateur Gardener Award; Regional Outstanding Garden Club Member Award established

1978 Victor H. 莱斯纪念花园位于本杰明·韦格琴花园中心, 代顿, 俄亥俄州; 1st bulb sale with the Dutch Bulb Company held

1979年,为赖特州立大学开发5英亩“感官花园”举行奠基仪式, 代顿, 俄亥俄州

1980年OAGC成立50周年,售出15棵树,700 spruce and pine seedlings; OAGC had 565 clubs with 11,000 members and 99 accredited flower show judges; Region 3 had the most clubs, Region 9 had most members; recognized 23 OAGC clubs organized for 50 years; revised Exhibitors’ and 法官的手册

1982年,赖特州立大学完成“感官花园”项目, 代顿, 俄亥俄州; revamped 花园小径 layout and its logo

1983年,计算机化会员邮寄并将《正规澳门赌场网站》的印刷转移到加里波利斯的俄亥俄谷印刷公司, 俄亥俄州

1984  OAGC Endowment Fund established; revised OAGC Handbook for Garden Clubs; established the Regional Outstanding Garden Club contest; Shedenhelm Award created by Mrs. Paul Shedenhelm for juniors interested in nature and conservation; 首页。 Flower Show contest established

1985  OAGC Foundation became a reality; 1st bus tour – Nashville, Tennessee – two buses

1986  1st monetary gift to the OAGC Foundation from Fenske Estate; bus tour - Philadelphia Flower Show - one bus; VHS tapes added to slide library

1987  Bus tour - Callaway Gardens - four buses; executive committee met with dignitaries from AmeriFlora to see how OAGC could become involved; 1st OAGC Foundation Scholarship awarded

1988  OAGC tour - Hawaii - group of 20; OAGC clubs participated in the planting of gardens at the 俄亥俄州 State Fair Fairgrounds with gardens judged and monetary gifts awarded; Cedar Bog boardwalk project completed

1989年巴士之旅-查尔斯顿, SC - four buses; Mary Alice Earhart Award established for Adult Best of Show in horticulture at Convention

1990  Alice Dallas’ book Alpha to Omega published; Bus tour - Canada, Boston等. - five buses; 成员hip 公司entive Award established by Jan Harmon and Ruth Waller

1991  19 clubs participated in the 俄亥俄州 State Fair Fairgrounds beautification project/contest; Public Beautification certificates created

1992年美洲植物展在哥伦布举行, 俄亥俄州, at Franklin Park; $25,000 raised in monetary and planting donations to plant OAGC-sponsored gardens; Mohican School in the Out-of-Doors new OAGC project, $25,000 goal; Bus tour - Williamsburg, 洛亚诺克, 华盛顿D.C.等. -三辆巴士

1993  OAGC Cruise - Bahamas - 34 on tour; 花园小径 format changes

1994  OAGC bus tour to Toronto - five buses; Exhibitors’ and 法官的手册 revised

1994  俄亥俄州 Mason Publishing Company started printing 花园小径; Junior Garden Club Handbook printed

1995  Bus tour - Michigan -三辆巴士; Gardeners’ Delight cookbook printed

1996年巴士之旅-布兰森, Missouri - five buses; Wahkeena 自然 Preserve Improvement Fund created; 设计学习部 created; the slide/video contest now includes photographs

1997  Bus tour - Springtime in the South (Callaway Gardens) - five buses; Faye Collins Designer of the Year Contest established; Bus tour - Oglebay and Wheeling, West Virginia - one bus; OAGC dues raised from $2.50 to $5, member-at-large dues raised from $5 to $10; Wahkeena 自然 Preserve ponds and spillway reconstructed with OAGC funds

1998  Bus tour - Pennsylvania/Longwood Gardens; OAGC bylaws amended; OAGC Handbook for Garden Clubs revised; Regional Outstanding Amateur Junior Gardener Award established; OAGC friend and floral design instructor Bob Thomas died; OAGC Foundation Scholarships increased to $750 each

1999  Bus tour - Savannah/Charleston -三辆巴士; Judge Emeritus status established; FayeCollins Designer of the Year Award created

2000  Bus tour - New Orleans - five buses; Website created and Website liaison added; Master Design Judge designation created

2001  OAGC Foundation Scholarships increased to $1000每; Bus tour - Chicago and Wisconsin -三辆巴士

2002  Bus tour - New England - five buses; Wahkeena Landscape Fund created in the OAGC Foundation

2003  Tour - Pacific Northwest - 40 on tour; bus tour - Canadian Cities - two buses; past president Dottie Bates enshrined into the 俄亥俄州 State Fair Hall of Fame

2004  Bus tour - Philadelphia Flower Show - one bus; fall bus tour - Black Hills, South Dakota -三辆巴士; three $1000 OAGC Foundation scholarships awarded

2005  OAGC celebrates 75 years; bus tour - Grand Tour of Michigan - two buses; four $1000 OAGC Foundation scholarships awarded; fall tour - Nashville/Asheville Christmas - one bus

2006秋季巴士之旅-华盛顿特区.C. / Williamsburg; four $1000 OAGC Foundation scholarships awarded; established a separation of OAGC, 公司和OAGC基金会, 公司.

2007  Bus tour - Holland Tulip Festival Mother’s Day Treat; fall bus tour - Golden Isles of Georgia/South Carolina - two buses; OAGC- branded email boxes established; 50th Anniversary of Wahkeena 自然 Preserve

2008  花园小径 available on-line at the OAGC website; printing of 花园小径 moved to Corner Print Shop in Beavercreek, 俄亥俄州; five $1000 OAGC Foundation scholarships awarded

2009  OAGC bylaws revised; fall bus tour - Grand Tour of Pennsylvania; Archival Manager liaison position created

2010  OAGC celebrated 80 years; Exhibitors and Judges School cycle revised (cycle is 4 schools over 2 year period); OAGC Handbook for Garden Clubs revised; 24 garden clubs participated in the Salt Fork State Park Cabin Beautification project

2011  Bus tour – Boston for World Flower Show – two buses; Bole Award ceases and OAGC Medalist Competition begins; first OAGC Foundation Hike for Health – FDN - held at Wahkeena 自然 Preserve. 莫希干户外学校成立50周年

2012  Junior Advisor Handbook is updated and published; Foundation Scholarships increase to 4 and to $2,000英镑,并向史密斯博士致敬. Gary Anderson; 2nd FDN Hike for Health held at Cedar Bog 自然 Preserve; editing underway for Handbook for Exhibitors and Judges; Master Gardener Award renamed to OAGC Gardener of the Year; Challenge Class added to Convention Flower Show; Wahkeena management assumed by the Fairfield County Historical Parks Commission

2013年俄亥俄巴士之旅——“酒, Wit and Wisdom” – 40 on tour; dues increase to $7; archival materials accepted by the 俄亥俄州 Historical Society; partnered with OHS to revitalize native plantings; 3rd FDN Hike for Health held at Mohican School in the Out-of-Doors

2014年爱尔兰国际之旅, 42人前往都柏林参加世界花展, June 11- 19; Exhibitors and Judges School returns to a 3-year, 12-day cycle; 俄亥俄州 Historical Society renamed to 俄亥俄州 History Connection; four Foundation Scholarships given and increased to $2,由于资金不足, 包括授予前OAGC大三学生的多丽丝·舒斯特纪念, Stephanie Cech; 4th FDN Hike for Health held at Black Swamp Bird Observatory. 在2014年的大会上,24人 俱乐部参加了首届功能餐桌设置大赛. 这是一个精心设计的八人婚礼主题

2015  OAGC bylaws amended to reflect the change from 3 to 2 vice-presidents; creation of strategic planning committee leading to a change in the logo, mission and vision statements; Foundation Scholarships increased to seven due to finances; OAGC website redesigned; OAGC Foundation received required funds to establish a scholarship named for Dottie Bates

2016  Bus tour – Philadelphia Flower Show; Handbook for Exhibitors and Judges revised; established partnership with 俄亥俄州 Department of Natural 资源 (ODNR) at the ODNR park at The 俄亥俄州 State fairgrounds


2018  Bus tour – Philadelphia Flower Show; Accredited flower show judges/38; Judge Emeritus/29; OAGC membership/2,878; GDO -俄亥俄州剑桥市参观狄更斯维多利亚村展览

2019  Handbook for Garden Clubs revised; Bus tour – Philadelphia Flower Show; established a Foundation scholarship named for past president Naomi Shepard; April GDO - Cincinnati Botanical Garden & Zoo; October - Exhibitors' and Judges' School Development committee created to make suggestions for improvement of the OAGC schools and judging process

2020年,世界受到Sars-coV-2 (covid)大流行的打击. OAGC cancelled the 2020 State convention; January - OAGC purchased Zoom subscription to provide virtual programming and meetings; Summer - First virtual Exhibitors' and Judges' School by Zoom; October - Garden Path printed in color, 莎莉·露丝成为了GP的编辑, 预示着印刷, 公司. 打印机

2021  Revised website and changed provider to A-1 Printing; June/July/August - The covid pandemic continued and OAGC used the Zoom platform to host a the first 3-part virtual version of the State convention by Zoom;  Clubs sent out emails or letters updating their members; August - GDO, 湖边肖陶扩村, 马布尔黑德, 俄亥俄州

2022年4月-园艺研讨会“与网上正规澳门赌场一起成长”, 塞丽娜, 俄亥俄州 150 attendees; August - Dues increase to $12/member and $15/MAL; October - GDO, 道斯植物园, 纽瓦克, 俄亥俄州; 市场营销部门 Chair created; Emily LeVan appointed as the first 市场营销部门 Chair

2023  January - YouTube channel created @俄亥俄州AssociationOfGardenClubs ; new Instagram channel launched @OAGC_Jr ; republished 花展: 他们的组织、管理和评判 作者:Victor H. 里斯;

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